The Federal City Council Announces Creation of “Statehood Research DC” and Release of First Report

Federal City Council / March 19, 2021

Statehood Research DC, which launches today, will answer the more practical questions about statehood by sponsoring research, briefing papers and other education materials.

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Bowser will make case for D.C. statehood at congressional hearing next month

The Washington Post / February 22, 2021

Mayor Bowser will testify that DC is fiscally resilient, well-managed and can handle taking on statehood.

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Testimony of DC's CFO Before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform

Office of the District's CFO / September 29, 2019

CFO Jeff DeWitt explains that DC is in a strong fiscal and economic position to become a state.

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The Politics and History of the DC statehood vote

Brookings Institute / June 25, 2020

A breakdown of previous attempts to give DC statehood and how the politics around DC statehood have changed over time.

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Constitution of the State of Washington, DC

New Columbia Statehood Commission / October 18, 2016

The draft Constitution for a future DC state lays out the makeup of a new legislature and governorship.

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Constitution Commission Report

New Columbia Statehood Commission / July 8, 2016

An overview of how the draft state constitution was put together, including input from community meetings and scholars.

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